Liverpool Transfer News Summary (2019)

Liverpool have put together a squad that is capable of challenging for the Premier League title over the last few years. They now find themselves in a position where they only need to tinker, and add the odd player, which means they can afford to spend a lot of money on a marquee name, because they don’t have any other transfers to worry about. Here is a summary of the latest Liverpool transfer news.

Latest Liverpool Transfer News

Teams lower down the standings may have the same budget as Liverpool, but they have more signings to make, whereas if for example Liverpool have £80 million in the bank, they know they can splash the cash on just one player if they found someone special. That is exactly the approach they will take this season, so don’t expect too much from Liverpool, but when they sign someone, it will be for a lot of money.

Piotr Zielinski

The Napoli midfielder Piotr Zielinski fits that bill exactly, and he would bring genuine quality to the only area of the field where Liverpool are slightly lacking. He has been pulling the strings in midfield for Napoli this season, and bringing in a player like him to do the same at Anfield could be what is needed to separate Liverpool from the rest of the league.

Arsenal are also rumoured to be interested in Zielinski, but they have a few more signings to make this summer, so they are unlikely to be able to bid as much as Liverpool, who could concentrate on Zielinski and no one else if they wanted to.

The 24 year old would be a very welcome addition at Anfield, and give Liverpool that little bit of extra quality they are looking for in the middle of midfield.

Abdoulaye Doucoure

If Liverpool want to look a little closer to home when they are trying to solve their midfield problem them Watford’s Abdoulaye Doucoure should be on their radar. The midfielder has ten goals from 61 games for Watford, as well as a number of assists and he is the type of player that Liverpool are missing from their midfield.

We have seen the Liverpool midfield compete very well and work hard, but they lack the creativity needed sometimes, and someone who has the ability to find a pass that breaks the lines. Both Doucoure and Zielinski have the ability to do that, and with Doucoure already showing he can do it in the Premier League, that could give him the upper hand over Zielinski.

If Liverpool want some assurances that their new signing will be able to handle playing in England, then they have them with this signing. There is also a good chance that he would be cheaper than Zielinski, as he is coming from a smaller club, and Watford would be more inclined to sell for a smaller amount of money. That shouldn’t matter too much, and Liverpool are likely to be able to afford whichever they want to sign but if they cannot split the two players, then it would likely mean that Doucoure will be favoured.  


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