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Tue 3 November 2009

SPAOTP's 1,000th Post

And now, a moment of self-regarding nonsense on our part, if you don't mind.

What you are reading now may seem fairly ordinary by our standards (and indeed it is), but this is in fact a very special post. Put simply, this is Some People Are On The Pitch's 1,000th post.

We appreciate the sentiment and sense of achievement might be lost on most of you but when this humble little football blogsite started out in 2006, it was difficult to believe that one day we might end up with 1,000 articles to our name.

And by jove we've certainly covered a great many subjects in those articles. We've delved into the deepest recesses of football's history (pausing occasionally for a spot of nostalgia), we've written about the present-day goings-on not just in England but also across Europe and in the US and we've written guides and match reports on everything from the World Cup to the African Nations Cup.

Oh and let's not forget the 137 Friday Lists of Little or No Consequence to date, our twice-weekly TV Previews that have appeared on the site since April 2008 and countless other regular features that have led The Guardian and The Telegraph to single us out for a special mention, bless them.

Yes, we've covered a lot of ground in reaching this milestone and we hope you've enjoyed what you've read on this or any prior visit to the site. It goes without saying that we shall go on for at least another 1,000 posts and beyond (health and sanity permitting) so it just remains to say thank you for your continuing support and from me personally, thanks to everyone that's contributed on the writing side over the last two-and-a-half years. You know who you are and be aware that you're loved in a very special way.

Oh well, can't stop. Post 1,001 is waiting to be published and I believe there's another Sound of Football Podcast to tell you about...

Best wishes,
Chris O.

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