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Thu 7 May 2009

Now we are Three

A brief moment of self-congratulation now as we pause to acknowledge our third birthday here at Some People Are On The Pitch.

In doing so, I'd particularly like to thank my two co-bloggers, Duffman and Sp3ktor for the new lease of life they've breathed into this site since April 2008. This time last year, SPAOTP was about to close down for all kinds of reasons but it was my good fortune that our paths crossed when they did for since then Some People Are On The Pitch has undboutedly gone on from strength to strength.

The time and effort they've put into producing much of the text you read is worthy of all our thanks, and the same can be said of our latest recruit to the writing team, Seb. The one thing I've learnt since SPAOTP began is that there are some genuinely decent people out there who are a delight to 'meet' and work with and Seb, like Duffman and Sp3ktor, certainly fits into that category.

Finally, my thanks as ever go to you, our visitors, for all your support and interest. Without you, there's frankly no point in doing what we do. We hope you enjoy the articles we write and that you'll stay with us as we enter our fourth year.

All the best and bye for now,
Chris O.

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