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Wed 15 April 2009

SPAOTP @ TwoFootedTackle

Short of creating a podcast of our own, the only way you'll ever have heard our voices here at SPAOTP was for us to appear on someone else's podcast.

If that's something you've been eagerly waiting for, (a) you really should get out more, and (b) you're in luck. Thanks to our good friends Chris Nee and Gary Andrews, two of us have made recent appearances on the TwoFootedTackle podcast which started about a month ago.

Episode 2 featured Duffman as special guest to talk about the Bundesliga (amongst other things) while I (Chris O) appeared on Episode 4 (launched today) to talk about Ligue 1 (amongst other other things).

Short of Sp3ktor and Seb turning up on future TFT podcasts, we thought for the time being we'd point you in the direction of our two appearances thus far, just in case you wanted to hear what we really sound like 'in the flesh'.

Click on the links below to download Episodes 2 and 4 and don't forget to visit TwoFootedTackle for some great writing on all aspects of football around the world.

For now, our thanks go to Gary and Chris for asking us to take part in their podcasts.

TwoFooted Tackle
Episode 2 (featuring Duffman)Episode 4 (featuring Chris O)

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