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Tue 31 March 2009

New England Kit - Your thoughts

So now all the dust has settled and every shred of fake imagery has been eradicated from our memories, what do we think of the new England kit? Quite radical, don't you think?

As you'll know of us by now, we here at SPAOTP like football kits in all their various colours and designs and this one is certainly worthy of special attention. Gone are all the red flashes, gone is the navy blue trim... hell, gone are the navy blue shorts too.

There's only one word to describe England's new outfit, and that's 'white'. That in itself is likely to divide those people that believe England should always wear the blue shorts, but let's face it, England have played in all white before on the odd occasion and it's never been much of an issue.

The other key factor about this new kit is the styling of the shirt. Many years ago, Umbro shirts used to have a tag sown into them that said "Tailored by Umbro in England" and in exploring the company's origins you get the feeling that Umbro wanted to reintroduce that 'tailoring' aspect once again.

The new version of the shirt is cut in at the sides and on the shoulders to accentuate the shape of the chest better, it has a flappy collar that doesn't really flap that much and air holes to increase ventilation. All in all it has a more traditional look which, from some angles, makes it look like a polo shirt or even a vintage shirt from the early 1900's.

But that's what makes it so distinctive and utterly different from what's preceded it in recent times. Despite the fact that you, our humble audience, have already chosen England's 1982 World Cup strip as your current favourite, it seems Umbro have happily abandoned all the extraneous colours and styles in favour of something more simple and dignified.

So what are your thoughts? Does it meet your own high exacting standards? Are you planning on buying one, or do you feel it's a massive disappointment? We'd like to hear what you think, so leave us a comment to give us your feedback or vote in our online poll below...

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