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Mon 13 October 2008

Caption Competition #7

We thought we'd ease you into the new week with another of our legendary* Caption Competitions.

Hopefully you know how this works by now, but here's the deal if you don't. Simply look at the picture, provide us with a caption or a headline that suitably (and humourously) sums up what you see and leave it as a comment for all of us to chuckle at.

No prizes are on offer, sadly, and no-one's ever judged the winner (just so you know). And yes, it is pretty stupid calling it a competition when it isn't, but the alternative was to call it a 'Caption Open Discussion', and that would never do.

So hear it is - check out the picture below and fire at will (as they say at the British Rifle Association's 'Pop Idol' Dinner and Dance)...

* (as far as we're concerned)

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