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Sat 31 May 2008

Chat, ramble, yap, talk, converse...

Ladies, gentlemen, esteemed guests... You are all invited to take part in our latest venture which we hope will be a success for all concerned.

Yes, the time has finally come to bring you a bulletin board system where you can talk about football to your heart's content. Whatever the subject, whether it's your favourite club, the Champions League, Euro 2008, or even SPAOTP itself, you can now chat about it to your heart's content at

Though we're blessed by so many of your comments on our articles, there's often a need to chat about other stuff that we're not presently discussing. That's where Some People Are On The Forum comes into play. It's our new meeting place for any of you that have something to say and where you're sure to find other like-minded people that want to do the same.

It's also the ideal place to tell us what you think about the articles you've read here at Some People Are On The Pitch or give us ideas about items you'd like to see.

It's free and easy to register, so why not help us get the site off the ground by visiting
Some People Are On The Forum and start chatting about the subjects you love. We'll be waiting for your arrival!

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