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Thu 13 March 2008

Come on you Reds...

Never let it be said that the universities of the world don't waste a single moment of their valuable academically-charged time. It's just come to light that a study by Durham University and the University of Plymouth has found that football teams wearing red shirts are more likely to be successful than those wearing any other colour.

Their research looked into the results of English football league clubs since the Second World War and it shows that, when playing at home at least, those teams wearing red are more likely to win than those wearing, say, white, blue or yellow. Apparently the trend doesn't apply to away form, which, if nothing else, conveniently deals with those statistical anomalies they couldn't find an answer for.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, those English league teams that have worn yellow or orange throughout history are officially the least successful. Something to think about the next time someone offers you a ticket to that exciting Norwich v Blackpool FA Cup tie.

Yes we may scoff, but there's obviously something in all this. Maybe it's the psychological effect teams in red have over their opponents that makes them seem somehow invincible. It's that kind of thinking which is already making waves in the football world - so much so that Kevin Keegan has already ordered a redesign of Newcastle's home strip in the hope that it'll change their fortunes too.

Here's what they've come up with, and you can bet your life it'll be hitting the shops sometime very soon…

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