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Tue 12 February 2008


See that 'Links' section on the right, there?

Scroll down a bit... a bit more.... that's it, that one. Very long, isn't it? Not that that's a bad thing, you understand. We love telling you about the many blogs and websites out there on the web that we like the most, but the thing is there's only so much space we can give to them before our 'Links' section starts looking like the closing credits from Ben Hur.

That's why we've set up this page where we can provide you with an extended array of places on the internet that we'd like you to check out and support. You can still access our original set of links on the right, but by clicking on 'More Links' at the bottom of the list, you can reach this page and see who else we'd like you to know about.

So without further ado, let's get on with the business of linking. That's what we're here for, after all...

Football, the universe and all points in between...

Talk Football
Brilliant site covering numerous aspects of football from tactics and skills to club histories

The Nameless Thing
Stuff about Football and other meaningful things in life, courtesy of writer Ian Hough
Watch video clips of the very latest goals across Europe on this great new site

Keep up-to-date with this site all about skiing and snowboarding - great graphics, too!

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