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Mon 10 December 2007

Champions League 'You Bet' - Week 6

OK folks, here's the situation. We need to start winning some of these bets, and we need to start winning fast. Actually, come to think of it, we need to start providing you with some decent choices that could result in us winning money, and fast.

So to that end, here are this week's three options for you to choose from. Oh, and if you haven't the foggiest idea what the hell we're talking about, click on the 'Week 1' link to the right in the Champions League You Bet section. It's all explained there.

Bet A
Arsenal v Steaua Bucharest
Adebayor to score first
Potential winnings: £4.50

Bet B
Rangers v Lyon
Rangers to win 2-1
Potential winnings: £11.00

Bet C
Roma v Manchester United
Man U winning at Half Time, Roma winning at Full Time.
Potential winnings: £26.00

Quite a tempting selection, we think you'll agree. Just use the buttons below and tell us which one you think we should put our £1 bet on, and with any luck, we'll have our coffers overflowing with wealth once again. All for charity of course. Not a penny goes into our pockets. Honest.


The public has spoken. The public has opted for Bet C - Man U winning at Half Time, Roma winning at Full Time, which could swell our coffers quite considerably.

Fingers crossed...

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