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Sat 24 November 2007

World Cup 2010 Poster: And the winner is...

Earlier this week, we told you that FIFA were about to announce the winning design in their 2010 World Cup poster competition. Prior to the announcement being made, we thought we'd show you the shortlist of three that the South African public had to choose from back in September and invited you to do the same in our very own little poll.

Well that poll resulted in us receiving 33 votes from you over the last four to five days (thank you!) and 27 of you overwhelmingly chose Poster B (an outline of the African continent which doubled up as the head of a man heading a football on a yellow background).

And guess what - somewhat earlier than we thought, Sepp Blatter yesterday made his annoucement and told the world that the winning design was indeed Poster B. Well done to the majority of you that voted for it! SPAOTP are proud of you...

The winning poster was designed by South African creative agency Switch and it's now known that the head featured on it is that of Cameroon star Samuel Eto'o.

So that's settled then - Some People Are On The Pitch has effectively chosen the official poster of the 2010 World Cup. Next week, we'll be running a poll to decide who the next England manager should be. It's only right it should be done this way, after all...

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