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Tue 20 November 2007

Pick a poster...

As you may have noticed recently, we're in 'World Cup mood' just now (despite the fact that the Euro 2008 qualifiers are about to reach a thrilling finalé) and today we thought we'd indulge ourselves further still by fulfilling a long-held ambition of ours.

Ever since we started this ramshackle little site we call SPAOTP, we've wanted to bring you much in the way of art and culture. Luckily for you, the 'culture' bit has never been in short supply due to our refined conversational skills, however the 'art' bit has been largely overlooked - until now.

That's because for the remainder of this week, we'd like you to peruse three posters - one of which will be selected as the official 2010 World Cup Poster at this Sunday's World Cup Preliminary Draw in Durban, South Africa.

Now the deal is this: in recent history, FIFA have held a kind of competition where the inhabitants of a host country get to choose the poster they like best as the one for their World Cup. This September, it happened once again and it was the turn of the South Africans to make their choice.

Well, the votes have been counted and the decision will soon be made, but we thought we'd show you the three posters they had to choose from and ask you to pick the one YOU like. On Sunday when Sepp Blatter or one of the other FIFA suits tell us which one has been chosen, you'll be able to see if your selection matches theres.

So here they are folks - the three posters that made the shortlist. Have a look, see what you think, then use the voting facility below to register your choice. Any comments you wish to make will, as ever, be warmly accepted.

Sorry, but voting on our poll has now closed, but the final votes went as follows...

POSTER A: 3 votes; POSTER B: 27 votes; POSTER C: 3 votes.

Want to know which one FIFA finally selected? Click here...

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