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Tue 27 November 2007

Champions League 'You Bet' - Week 5

Apologies for the slight lateness in bringing you the latest round of Champions League You Bet, but here we are again hoping that you can help us raise lots of lovely lolly for charity.

The charity in question is Little League Football, a cause that hopes to make it easier for young children in the UK to play for a local team regardless of availability or cost. By engaging the community, Little League Football hopes to get kids into football much earlier so that their passion for the game and skills have longer to develop. The end result will hopefully be a whole new generation of star players that we don't even know exist yet, but that can only happen if you make a generous contribution to their charity or by taking part in our You Bet competition to help raise a decent-sized sum of money.

And so to the job in hand. This week, as with every other, we have £1 just waiting to be placed on a bet which ultimately you will dictate. We give you three to choose from and all you have to do is pick the one you like the sound of most. If the bet wins, the money goes straight back into our 'kitty' and when the Champions League Final has been played next year, all money accrued will go off to Little League Football. Simple as... beating England.

Now last time around you may remember that we lost out again so that means our kitty now contains less money than we started for the first time since we started. We can easily put that right though, so let's see what the offerings are for this week:

Bet A
Rosenborg v Chelsea
Potential winnings: £3.50

Bet B
Liverpool v Porto
Steven Gerrard to score from outside the penalty area
Potential winnings: £8.00

Bet C
Celtic v Shakhtar Donetsk
Shakhtar to win 2-1
Potential winnings: £15.00

So which of those do you think could bring us wealth beyond our wildest dreams? Make your choice and let us know by using the voting facility below. You have until 7pm GMT on Wednesday 28 November 2007 to tell us, so choose carefully and good luck!

Unfortunately the voting period for Week 5 of You Bet is now over. With 56% of the vote, the winner this week is Bet B - Steven Gerrard to score from outside the box. Let's hope Stevie G has his sights set from a long way out tonight. Thanks to all of you who voted and good luck to us all!

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