Wed 3 October 2007

When Saturday Comes

I can remember when I was young lad (everything was in black and white) and how much I loved Saturdays.

In the afternoon I would go over the park with my friends to play football, then back home in time for tea. Food was usually dished up at around the time all the ‘final scores’ would be coming in. My Dad would be putting X’s on his pools coupon, I’d be eating my toasted crumpets, peeking through my fingers to see how many Spurs lost by before sitting through a wealth of family entertainment – the usual suspects being Jim’ll Fix it, Doctor Who, Tripods, Generation Game, Allo Allo, News and Weather – before finally getting to Match of the Day.

How times have changed.

Now, I’ll come home from the park with my children and sit down in front of the TV as all the final scores get bounced off a satellite. The pools coupon has been replaced by the national lottery so it’s a case of just sitting down to eat my toasted crumpets, peeking through my fingers to see how many Spurs lost by.

But not this weekend – and not just if you support Spurs. Fans of most Premiership teams won’t be able to see their teams results whilst chomping on there Saturday evening crumpet. Why? Because there are only TWO Premiership games this Saturday – only ONE of which kicks off at the traditional time of 3pm.

The feast of football this Saturday consists of Man United v Wigan (12:45pm) and Aston Villa v West Ham (3pm).


What am I supposed to do whilst eating my crumpet now? Take a keen interest in the Championship? “Crikey, look at that Scunthorpe result.” Perhaps the Scottish Premiership? ”Oh look, the wife, I see Glasgow Rangers won...”

Match of the Day should be ‘interesting’ too. Let's see the BBC fill that show with those two corkers of matches. Doubtless Mark Lawrenson will still say Liverpool deserved to win, even though they weren’t playing.

Unlikely I know, but imagine if both games are goalless. If that’s the case, the BBC should scrap Match of the Day for the night and show a repeat of “Jim’ll Fix It”, just for old times sake.

How I miss the 3pm kick-offs on a Saturday.

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