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Fri 12 October 2007

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #33

Wear the badge with pride...
9 Football Club Badges From Around The World That We Like

1. Benoni Premier United (South Africa)

Cute bunny rabbit but with a slogan like that, who needs myxomatosis?

2. Hello United (Cameroon)

What a splendidly cheery name. Simple but effective...

3. Newcastle United Jets (Australia)

Look - they've got their own aerobatic display team and everything!

4. Laval Dynamites (Canada)

Any badge that features a football with its black patches being blown off can't be all bad in our book...

5. Lorient (France)

It's a performing fish! Or is it a shark? I suppose it could be a salmon of some sort...

6. JS Libreville (Gabon)

Now this is a fine work of art from the modernist era. The tangential offset of the circle from the triangle indicates... something or another.

7. Singapore Armed Forces (Singapore)

More animal tomfoolery - a rhino, no less! Standard line of conversation at the Singapore Armed Forces FC ticket office: "How much do you charge for tickets?"

8. Salgaocar (India)

Another fine artistic piece using a series of stylised S's. For some reason, it reminds us of one of those old-fashioned carpet-beaters...

9. Newell's Old Boys (Argentina)

No, we're not going to say what you thought we were going to say...

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