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Tue 28 August 2007

Shirts for 2007/08: Middlesbrough (home)

Only five more shirts left for us to survey as we find out which of the new offerings are a hit and which are a miss. Today we look at the first of those five: Middlesbrough's home shirt for the 2007/08 season...

Once again it's made by Errea but unlike recent equivalents the white band across the middle has gone (sadly, from my point of view) and the sponsors have changed too. Out goes and in comes Garmin Sat-Nav to have their name proudly displayed where it matters most.

So what's your initial reaction to the shirt? Mine was one of dissatisfaction when I first saw it, but having seen it 'in action' on the field of play via the TV, I must admit it doesn't seem too bad. The trouble is Errea have for a long time now made kits which I think are... well.. a little amateurish in appearance.

That said, this one's rather growing on me - probably because it isn't trying too hard like some of its predecessors. Do you agree? Do you think this shirt's not trying hard enough? Either way let us know by leaving us a comment or cast your vote below to have your opinion depicted in bar graph form.

Oh and by the way - you can buy the shirt right now via the Middlesbrough FC website. Prices start from £35.00.


The final results were as follows:

Excellent: 9 (20%)
Good: 13 (30%)
OK: 9 (20%)
Poor: 6 (14%)
Terrible: 7 (16%)


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