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Sun 12 August 2007

Famous at last!

Please excuse our momentary bout of self-congratulation but we here at Some People On The Pitch are feeling rather pleased with ourselves.

That's because yesterday's edition of The Guardian mentioned our humble little site in its feature on football blogs. To be more specific, it was in their pull-out booklet 'The Guide' but let's not diminish the sense of achievement here...


It makes us feel very proud and naturally we're going to take the appropriate page from 'The Guide', put it in a frame and hang it on the wall in our toilet. It means that much to us.

In addition, we see this as payback for all of you, our loyal visitors who have helped to make the site a success over the last fifteen months. Not only that, but our grateful thanks go to all of you that have written articles for us during that time too. We couldn't have done it without you!

And now if you'll excuse us, we have work to do. Acclaim like this doesn't generate itself, you know... ;-)

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