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Wed 22 August 2007

And now, a choice of viewing...

With a matter of minutes to go before England play Germany at the new Wembley Stadium, it's hardly surprising to see the BBC frothing at the mouth at the prospect of another blood-boiling encounter with the old enemy. With all that history between the two sides, they'll be at each other's throats tonight, won't they?

Er, I doubt it. It's a friendly, and about as meaningless as they come. Anyone thinking it'll be 1966 all over again are sadly mistaken.

Better, then, to think of that great game in the iconic way many of us English fans always do... immortalised as a game of Subbuteo. If for some reason you're struggling to create that image in your mind, here's some help, courtesy of an old friend of the site - Flicktokick...

...and if that's given you a taste for great games played in Subbuteo form, here's the classic match between England and Scotland from 1967, again played at the old Wembley Stadium, courtesy of Flicktokick (and by the way - that's him in the Scotland shirt...)

Our thanks go to Flicktokick for allowing us to show you these excellent films - we hope you enjoyed them!

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