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Mon 11 June 2007

New Badge Alert (kind of...) - Derby County

Well looky here - another new Premier League club badge... well, sort of.

Not really a new badge in the truest sense of the word, but instead a new interpretation of an old badge courtesy of Derby County.

Replacing this, we now have this...

Out goes the gold ribbon below the ram and in its place comes a double-circle featuring the full name of Billy Davies' newly-promoted team.

The badge will appear on Derby County's new Adidas kit which is launched next month, but in the meantime, how do we feel about it? Myself, I think the circle looks a lot better than the ribbon, but the lettering looks a little bit, well, 'seventies-ish'. That being the case, I think it might look a bit old-fashioned before long, but we'll see.

Perhaps the real question to ask here (particularly to any Derby fans dropping by) is whether you prefer the circular badge, the ribbon badge or the badge which preceded them both which had just the plain old ram and nothing else? Speaking for myself, I'd go for the latter of those three but this one seems harmless enough.

Let us know what you think. Does it give you that ram-bo feeling or does it leave you a little (ahem) sheepish?

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