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Fri 18 May 2007

Shirts for 2007/08: Newcastle United (home)

Onto shirt number 4 in our series and this time it's Newcastle United who bring forth the garment you see below:

This is the shirt you'll probably see Michael Owen end his career in (if fate has anything to do with it), and lucky for you - it's available to buy via the Newcastle United website if that's what you choose to remember him by.

So what do we notice about it at first glance? Quite a bit more black than usual, if we're not mistaken. Some funny business with a curved white slash going upwards to the armpits, too, which might seem unecessary to some.

Have Adidas scored a winner here or are they out of Toon with you, the discerning member of the public? Leave us your comments if you so wish, or perhaps register your vote as so many of you have done with our previous offerings (for which we give our gracious thanks)...


The final results were as follows:

Excellent: 63 (38%)
Good: 36 (21%)
OK: 29 (17%)
Poor: 13 (8%)
Terrible: 27 (16%)


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