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Mon 14 May 2007

Shirts for 2007/08: Manchester City (home)

Time now to cast your eye over the third of our new shirts for the 2007/08 Premiership season, and today the club in question is Manchester City who give us this...

Le Coq Sportif take over as manufacturers from Reebok and the first thing to note is that the white sleeves have gone. I think that's a good thing, myself - in fact (and I know Footie Bird will want to strangle me for saying this) I rather like the look of it. I think.

Judging from some of the pictures I've seen, it can look stylish or cheap and nasty depending on which light you see it in. Anyway, I think I like it... what do you think? Leave us a comment or simply take part in our online vote below.

(Oh and a big thanks to Footie Bird for bringing the new shirt to our attention!) :)


The final results were as follows:

Excellent: 53 (22%)
Good: 44 (19%)
OK: 39 (17%)
Poor: 27 (12%)
Terrible: 64 (28%)


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