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Fri 20 April 2007

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #8

Looks familiar...
Seven Team Badges Currently Under Investigation By The Fraud Squad

1. Feyenoord of Rotterdam? No! It's Feyenoord Academy of Ghana!

2. Glasgow Rangers? Of course not! That's Hong Kong Rangers!

3. AS Roma? Why no... you're getting confused with St. Catherine's Roma Wolves of Canada!

4. Ajax Amsterdam? No way! That'll be Ajax Cape Town, silly!

5. Arsenal FC? Not quite - Berekum Arsenal of Ghana...

6. Sporting Lisbon? Wrong again! It's Sporting Clube da Praia, Cape Verde...

7. Surely this must be Sporting Lisbon? No? How about Sporting Clube da Praia? Not even them?!? No, you'll kick yourselves - it's Sporting Clube de Goa, India...

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