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Thu 14 September 2006

Write For 'Some People Are On The Pitch' !

Here at SPAOTP, we love writing about football. It's a way of informing, educating and amusing people like you who so graciously come and visit our site. But we don't just like to write - we love reading what other people have written too.

To that end, your wonderful comments and feedback have been such a pleasure to read over the last few months that we're convinced you could all be budding writers in the making! So how about this for an offer: why not have a go at writing an article for Some People Are On The Pitch?

You must have read one of our posts in the past and thought "I could do that" or "I know what I'd write about if I had the chance"? Well if you have, why not show us the fruits of your burgeoning talent? It's dead easy - all we ask is that you write about some aspect of football (the choice is entirely yours) - and send it to us here at write4us [at] spaotp [dot] com. We'll give it the once over and if we like what we see, you can expect to have your article published forthwith.

Please note: your articles may be subject to editing - nothing too drastic, we hope - but nevertheless anything that's deemed too long or too unsuitable may require amendment on our part.

We look forward to publishing your material!

Best wishes,

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