Mon 21 August 2006

At least Watford lost quietly...

So the first weekend of the Premiership passes us by fairly quietly - unlike the cricket.

The return of the Premiership sees the return of the routines. Sky Sports for results, Match of the Day for goals, Sunday's papers to weep at, league tables to ignore.

So what did I find of interest this weekend? Well, as always the opening day of the season's focus was on the Premiership new boys - Reading, Watford and Sheffield United. That’s when it hit me - we have a season of listening to the inane drivel of Neil Warnock. My god what a plank that man is. Luckily, my remote has a ‘mute’ button, and I am sure that it’s going to get a lot of use this season. I advise you to get familiar with your mute button too…

Maybe there is something about former championship sides, because next it was Reading's turn to irritate. Not only is their chairman magnanimous enough to name the stadium after himself, John Madjeski is now also doing post match interviews.

Ok, sure, it was a great comeback in your first Premiership game. I’ll give you that. Now stay off my screen. You’re a chairman. Go… ‘chair’. And wake Steve Coppell up, please. Thanks.

I don’t know if the above behaviour is normal in the Championship as I don’t like to watch inferior football - but if it is, they are welcome to it.

Which just leaves little old Watford, who weren’t very good and were defeated by a shot from Andy Johnson. His shot was in danger of hitting the corner flag before a deflection from a Watford defender sent it goalwards.

Still, only 37 more games to go.

Talking of which, Tuesday night I am at the Lane to see Spurs versus Sheffield United. I’ll be taking my remote control, hoping it will shut Warnock up. Oh and some eggs. I hope he likes eggs.

Wish me luck.

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