Tue 4 July 2006

Play on

by Smart

Incase you hadn't noticed, tonight sees the first of the Semi-Final matches.

"WHAT?!?" I hear you exclaim "They are still playing?!?". Well you're not alone, as I also thought the tournament ended at around 6.40 pm on Saturday.

Apparently not.

Some teams are insisting that they play on and you have to go with the majority dont you? Oh and the Germans, as its their tournament.

Its Germany v Italy tonight and that promises to be a great game. So I expect much tedium, a 0-0 scoreline and penalty shoot-out. And who would bet against those crazy Germans to lose a penalty shoot-out?

Tomorrow pits Portugal against France and, well, after Saturdays fiasco, I shall be hoping the French win that match. Call it sour grapes if you wish, its just that I prefer to see football, not cheating. (Not only that, but I picked France in the office sweepstakes. Money talks.)

On the subject of cheats, have the new FIFA laws made it easier for players to dive and roll around on the floor? FIFA have tried to eliminate certain tackles from the a physical contact game, to which the response seems to more diving and play acting than ever before. The cheats arent being punished, the players making the challenges are.

Who said "Cheats never prosper"? I think it was my Nan, wasnt it?

Ah well, it could be worse. You could be watching the tennis...

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