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Wed 5 July 2006

Big Bluffer: Day 7

Just to confuse you, it's not Smart's turn to make his choice today (Wednesday), but mine. We can't have you taking things for granted now, can we?

So let's take stock of who we've got left. Only nine remain in the Big Bluffer house. They are:

Lineker; Hansen; O'Neill; Strachan; Shearer; Wright; Dixon, Chiles (BBC)
Allardyce (ITV)

And because I have supreme power over such things, I've decided that today THREE people are to be evicted. Only one remains from the ITV squad, but will Sam Allardyce leave the BBC contingent to fight it out amongst themselves?

Well my first evictee today is Lee Dixon. He's far too quiet, far too boring and not incisive enough with his comments by a long chalk. That's all I have to say where he's concerned. Byzee bye, Dicko.

Next, I'm going for his former Arsenal team mate Ian Wright. Now don't get me wrong - Wrighty's a good larf... well at least he was when he first appeared on the Beeb as a pundit, but now he just seems to sit there... trying not to look bored. If England don't play well, he has a face as long as a kite as if he personally paid them to play better. Passionate about the side he may be, but I'm afraid I have little time for a pundit who lurches between acting like a spoilt kid and acting like a bored one. It's time to go, mate, so just go Wright, Wright, Wright now and shut the door behind you on your way out.

And finally, it's with some regret that I have to tap lightly on the shoulder Adrian Chiles. Yes, I know he's only just come in and if I'm honest he's someone who I personally like a lot... but his slightly miserable persona is probably best suited to the late-night editions of World Cup Match of the Day where it can't do any harm. Don't get me wrong - he's got a very good sense of humour, a dry wit and an excellent knowledge of the game, but for some reason I don't think he has the personality to cut it on prime time telly when people of a happy disposition are watching. Sorry Portman, but at this stage of Big Bluffer, there are no easy decisions as Smart will find out on Thursday...

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