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Mon 3 July 2006

Big Bluffer: Day 5

Well it's all getting a bit hot in the Big Brother house today. Temperatures are up and not just in the jacuzzi where Gaby Logan's absence has been sorely missed.

Nope, it's time for another couple of evictions, so it's over to 'H' (no, not the one from Steps) to wield the axe...

"Easy - Odenke, Leonardo, and if I could, O’Neill.

Odenke & Leonardo - they really have joined the BBC just to ‘improve’ their English and because the TV studios of their respective countries did not want them. What sort of commentators / analysers are they when you do not understand what they mean? Lineker will not always be there to correct them. Does Leonardo have a first name?

O’Neill - just because he thinks that he knows everything. I just don’t like him. I would have voted him out as my first choice, but at least I can understand him - just about."

Well I'm afraid we can only evict two pundits today, so Martin O'Neill stays in the Big Bluffer house by the skin of his teeth. As for Desailly and Leonardo, they're out, and suddenly the BBC contingent are starting to look a little decimated.

Who will be next to be shown the door? Will Alan Hansen and Gary Lineker finally get it on in the bedroom? And will Steve Rider's drugs finally wear off?

Join us tomorrow for the next thrilling installment of Big Bluffer...

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