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Sun 2 July 2006

Big Bluffer - Day 4

Written by Portman and Emma

"Our first nomination (and the first for the BBC) is Ray ‘Stubbsy’ Stubbs. To us he just seems to be lacking charisma and looking at his official photo on the BBC website, should in fact feel more at home in a dodgy episode of the Hammer House of Horror. He must be what Linny sees in the mirror, his complete opposite!

Embarassing Stubbs publicity photo on the BBC website

However, staying in the tradition of Big Brother, we would actually like to see the ejection of Stubbsy (due to breaking the Big Bluffer rule stating that you must not be undead), and vote to bring in Adrian Chiles. Adrian is third in the list of ‘meet the BBC team’, so we feel that he has been neglected. Also, he looks like he has been separated at birth from Stubbsy, which is probably where all of the charisma went!

Adrian Chiles: separated at birth from Stubbsy?

For our next nomination we are going back to ITV and Jim 'Pointy Nose' Rosenthal. When F1 was on the BBC, we quite enjoyed it - the thrill of the race, the crashes, etc. And then for some reason, it appeared on ITV. The races were then broken up for adverts, and for some strange reason ‘Count’ from Sesame Street telling me how great ITV was! Well I eventually found out that it was ‘Pointy Nose’, and after about 2 races gave up watching F1 because he was scaring us. And now I find him everywhere, boxing and now football… is he trying to take over the world?! He should go back to writing ‘London’s Burning’!"

So, two evictions but one new entrant to the Bg Bluffer house in the form of Adrian 'Agreeable Brummie' Chiles. That means we have 13 people left to evict, and they are:
Lineker (BBC)Hansen (BBC)O'Neill (BBC)Leonardo (BBC)Strachan (BBC)Shearer (BBC)Wright (BBC)Dixon (BBC)Desailly (BBC)Chiles (BBC)
Rider (ITV)Allardyce (ITV)Pearce (ITV)Who will face the chop tomorrow? We'll find out soon enough from 'H' who has the dubious honour of wielding the axe on Monday...

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