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Fri 12 May 2006


by Smart

It's Wednesday night and Boro have just been thumped 4-0 by Sevilla in the Wafer Cup Final. Another poor performance by the club team managed by the next England national coach, McLaren. I sit here, dreading the future of English football.

For starters, Sven has lost the plot. Picking 12 year old Theo Walnut whom he admits to never seeing play says it all. And then we have McLaren to 'look forward to'. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think he has managed anything decent since the Sex Pistols.

In an attempt to get my World Cup enthusiasm back, I wonder which of the minnows are worth supporting. Scotland aren't there, so they're a non-starter. Usually for me its Cameroon. For some reason I've always been a fan of Cameroon. Perhaps its because I was stationed there during the war...? I even invested in a Cameroon national top many a moon ago. It was a daring, off the shoulder number in the colours of the national flag (green, red and yellow) with a large yellow star in the middle. Similar in some ways to a McDonalds uniform. But alas, they took a leaf out of Scotland’s book this year.

So just who is there?

I log on to the FIFA website, and the qualifiers are listed in alphabetical order:

AngolaArgent... ANGOLA! Why the hell not?

Well, I know nothing about them for a start, that’s why not. But you've gotta start somewhere, right? That’s how my love for Cameroon started. How about Senegal in the 2002 World Cup Finals - need I say more? Nope, Angola it is for me!

So what can I tell you about Angola? Well cast your eyes over these tasty morsels of trivia...

Players to watch: Fabrice Akwa and Pedro Mantorras World ranking : 58Odds : 400/1The Angolan official language is PortugueseThe country is one mistyped letter away from being classed as a rabbit, goat or knitting yarn.

Not a lot to go on really is it? Well I'm sure their opponents will be given exactly the same details as I've just highlighted above. It's for them to exploit the opponents weaknesses from such a wealth of information.

Me, I'll just sit in my chair nursing an ice-cold beer, voicing the "GO ANGOLA!" chant that I'll be working on in the forthcoming weeks.

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